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South African Cat Council
"BREEDER OF THE YEAR" 2011 & 2013

Russian Cats in Cape Town, South Africa
Welcome to my website where you will find Russian Cats of distinction.  Each page will show case this beautiful breed that I lost my heart to in 2003.  With their majestic grace and easy gentle nature the Russian is to me the essence of feline perfection.

Unlike other companion pets the only way to obtain a Russian Blue/Black/White or Tabby in South Africa is through a registered breeder. There are 5 of us that all work together to ensure we breed healthy happy Russians here and we have spay/neutered all pets leaving our homes for many years now to ensure that Back Yard Breeders can no way obtain any breeding cats from us through unscrupulous means as well as no chance of cross bred Russians being born or ending up in shelters. Please note none of the registered breeders advertise on places like Gumtree etc. these would be scammers and BYB-ers working with Grey Domestics. 

We are 5 registered breeders in South Africa, we import new lines together and work very closetly ethically & responsibly. All kittens & any retired breeding boy or girl leaves all breeders spay / neutered & microchipped with a comprehensive contract to protect both kitten owner & breeder.
If you are interested in acquiring a kitten from the upcoming breeding season (kittens born between September & January each year) please kindly take a look at the articles page on what to expect from the adoption process. I have a very strict procedure as I wish for my babies to go to only the very best homes.

Breeding Russians is a passion, it is born from the love of a very special gentle and truely delightful breed. I have poured my heart and soul into the South African Russians for many years, their health, temperament and type are of utmost importance to me.

Sp Ch Kimara Zaris Evelina of Azreal R.Q. N.Q. R.W. Imp Australia & Auz NW
(pictured left)